Keeping children safe

成人在线视频app How to report a child at risk of harm, abuse or neglect. Information about private foster care, Positive Choices project, permits and licences.

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Reporting a child at risk of harm, abuse or neglect (safeguarding)

How to make a safeguarding referral and report a concern about a child or young person at risk of harm, abuse or neglect.

Meeting the needs

成人在线视频appWe help to identify suitable responses to the needs and issues professionals encounter when working with children, young people and families.

Apply for a body of persons licence

成人在线视频appApply for a body of persons licence for school age children, what you'll need to apply and what's allowed under a body of persons licence.

Apply for a child employment permit

Find out how and when an employer must apply for a child employment permit. What hours a child can work on school days and during weekends and school holidays.

Apply for a child performance licence

成人在线视频appApply for a child performance for school age children, what you'll need to apply and who should apply for child performance licence in Suffolk.

Apply for a chaperone licence

成人在线视频appApply for a chaperone licence in Suffolk for school age children to take part in a performance. Find out how long a licence is valid for and when to renew it.

Keeping children safe online

How parents can play an important role in helping their children safe online, and why children need to learn about internet safety.

Private fostering

Private foster care in Suffolk and your responsibilities, if you are related or not to a child, and the types of private fostering in Suffolk.

Positive Choices service

成人在线视频appLearn about Positive Choices, which supports anyone who has had a child or children removed from their care and are at risk of having further children removed.

Make a Change service

成人在线视频appLearn about the Make a Change service, including how they work, their strategy, and how to contact them.