Raising the Bar 2018-2020

Raising the Bar is Suffolk’s programme to improve levels of educational attainment and ensure that every child in Suffolk can achieve their full potential.

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The Raising the Bar 2018-20 strategy builds on the successes of Raising the Bar 2015-17. These can be accessed here Raising the Bar 2015-17 achievements (PDF, 65KB).

The new Raising the Bar 2018-20 strategy can be accessed here Raising the Bar 2018-20 Strategy (PDF, 65KB)

Raising the Bar is Suffolk’s programme to improve levels of educational attainment成人在线视频app across the county. The number of Suffolk schools being judged good or outstanding by Ofsted continues to be high at 87%, but there is still more work to be done.

By working together with education providers, families, communities and businesses, Raising the Bar will ensure that every child can achieve their full potential, build a strong reputation for Suffolk education and deliver wider benefits for the county and its economy.

Raising the Bar 2018-20 priorities

Exceptional leadership and governance across the education sector

Excellence in teaching and learning driven by system led improvement and innovation

The best opportunities for every child and young person

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Raising the Bar information

About Raising the Bar

Learn about Raising the Bar, Suffolk’s programme to improve levels of educational attainment across the county.

Raising the Bar strategy

Discover our ambitions, goals and priorities for the strategy. Find out what success will look like for Raising the Bar 2018-20.

Raising the Bar funding

Raising the Bar enables our External Funding team to give advice and guidance to Suffolk schools to help them find external funding opportunities and make bids.

Raising the Bar performance

成人在线视频appFind information on key measures of Raising the Bar and how Suffolk is performing against national figures.

Raising the Bar awards

Celebrating success is an important part of the Raising the Bar project. Sharing best practice and highlighting excellence are essential to help inspire others.

Raising the Bar priorities 2018-20

Read our priorities, which include success in leadership and governance, improving teaching and learning and opportunities for children and young people.

Raising the Bar useful links

成人在线视频appLinks and resources for information on education and children and young people services.