Youth support and careers advice, work experience and activities

成人在线视频app Information and advice for young people, and how to get work experience with Suffolk County Council.

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Youth support and advice

Information and advice to help children and young people plan their future in education and employment.

Careers advice and guidance

成人在线视频appInformation on careers and local industries for young people and parents or carers, as well as support services available to schools and advisers.

Opportunities for young people

成人在线视频appHow young people can get work experience with us or start a career in the public sector through an apprenticeship, internship and graduate placement.

Out of school and holiday activities

成人在线视频appInformation and ideas for children and families for holiday and out of school activities.

What is The Source website for young people?

Information, advice and support for young people, by young people in Suffolk.

CPD for careers professionals

Suffolk County Council is committed to supporting careers professionals and other careers influencers to continue and maintain their professional development.