Creating the Greenest County

Find out more about our aim to make Suffolk the greenest county, including details of environmental issues such as energy, green travel, water and recycling.

Creating the Greenest County logo成人在线视频appMaking Suffolk the UK's greenest county is an aspiration that involves all of us. We all want to enhance Suffolk’s natural and historic environment, and respond to climate change.

成人在线视频appThe partnership behind provides an umbrella for many existing projects. It also encourages further recognition and resourcing of them, and seeks to inspire further actions in communities, businesses and schools.

成人在线视频appWe can provide you with advice and help at home, work or within your community to help us achieve this aim. Read more about Creating the Greenest County using the tabs below. 

Advice and support


Confused by green issues? Unsure what you could do to cut costs and save energy? You can:

  • visit our  page to find out about the support available to your business, which is often free or heavily discounted
  • visit  pages to find out about grants and loans available to your business
  • join our thriving


All across the county people are doing their bit to help Suffolk become the greenest county. Our can provide your community with:

  • free support on a range of climate change and energy related issues
  • information on for your community

At home

Creating the Greenest County starts – find out what you can do and then go on to inspire others.

Working in partnership

How we work in partnership

The Creating the Greenest partnership has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2007. It was launched by John Gummer MP (now Lord Deben). He worked with local communities and businesses to help them realise the economic benefits of:

  • reducing their energy consumption
  • adapting to climate change
  • enhancing their natural environment

The partnership's 3 key themes:

  1. Climate Mitigation
  2. Climate Adaptation
  3. Protect and enhancing the natural environment

成人在线视频appWe want to achieve this through:

  • Tackling climate change and its effects
  • Engaging with communities and businesses in Suffolk
  • Enhancing Suffolk’s landscape, biodiversity and historic environment
  • Promoting and supporting local food and drink production

There are 4 delivery partnerships working to deliver these key themes, all involving a broad cross-section of organisations across the county:

  1.  / 

Creating the Greenest County Awards

Celebrating environmental achievement

 is an annual event. It highlights the excellent environmental achievements that are being carried out across the county.

Find out more

Visit Green Suffolk

成人在线视频appYou can find out more on  about:

  • greener travel
  • recycling
  • water management
  • Suffolk’s Green Buildings Network

You can also follow us on Twitter .