Minerals and waste policy

How Suffolk County Council assesses minerals and waste planning applications and publishes guidance relating to minerals and waste planning applications.

The Minerals and waste policy is currently being updated. View the relevant documents here.

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Minerals Core Strategy

Find out about the Minerals Core Strategy, which forms part of the Suffolk Minerals and Waste Development Framework.

Minerals specific site allocation documents

成人在线视频appThis document sets out how we will meet the identified need for sand and gravel until 2021.

Waste Core Strategy

成人在线视频appInformation about the Waste Core Strategy Development Plan Document which we formally adopted on 17 March 2011.

Suffolk Minerals and Waste Development Scheme

Setting out the programme for the preparation of the Suffolk Minerals & Waste Local Plan.

Statement of community involvement

How local communities, individuals, groups and any other interested parties can be involved in the preparation of documents concerning minerals and waste.

Suffolk Local Aggregates Assessment

Find information on our requirements as Mineral Planning Authority and the latest version of the LAA.