Flooding and drainage

Find information on who holds the responsibility for flooding in Suffolk, and how to report a flood in Suffolk.

Report a flood and get advice about drainage

Report a flood in Suffolk

成人在线视频appHow to report flooding on a road, pavement or property. Who to contact about a blocked drain or flooding on the A11, A12 and A14 roads in Suffolk.

Preparing for flooding

How to prepare in the event of a flood, why Suffolk County Council do not provide sandbags and how to keep up to date with local flood alerts or warnings.

Flood management in Suffolk

成人在线视频appHow flooding is managed in Suffolk, with a broad overview of which responsibilities individuals and organisations have in terms of flooding and drainage.

Guidance on development and flood risk

Here developers and local planning authorities can find guidance to assist in creating suitable drainage systems.

Maintenance of ditches and other watercourses

成人在线视频appFind details about maintenance of watercourses in Suffolk and information on how we can enforce against negligent landowners.

Working on a watercourse

成人在线视频appInformation on how to apply for a Land Drainage Consent when you need to work on rivers, ditches, or streams.

Highway drainage

成人在线视频appDetails of how we maintain drainage systems to reduce the risk of standing water on roads, pavements and cycleways.

Flood risk asset register

Information on the responsibility of the council as a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) to create a flooding asset register.